We’re still here….

Wow, sorry about that! Last post was a family picture for last year! Lot going on lately.


To bring you up to date, we have recently hosted a Labor Day activity for our church family (More on a post later), had a fresh batch of our Pyrenees Puppies, we have turkeys that we are raising to be ready for thanksgiving and just finished a job where we were traveling all the way to WV and back each day (Two hour drive one way!). That is the short version of what we have been up to all within a months period approximately.


Other than that for personal family activities, we have also found out about and visited a place in Richmond, Va. This place is a historic house and grounds formerly owned by a James and Sallie Dooley. After their passing, they wanted to have the house and grounds opened to the public, (Free of chargeIMG_9040, they operate by donation.) so that people could coma and get a glimpse of history through the house and grounds. Over 100 acres of grounds, they have a farm, zoo, several flower gardens, waterfall, aquIMG_9030arium and more. Plus, they give live tours of the hous which is completely untouched. It’s a sight to see! We spent a day there walking around and checking out the place and we had a wonderful time together as a family. We went through the aquarium first, (Couldn’t miss that!) then we walked around the grounds and zoo area, skipped the farm tour simply because one, it was closed for renovations, and two because we live on one already! If you ever have a chance check out Maymont as a entertainment spot if your in the area, it’s so worth it!

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