The Journey of Faith

Yes, for those of you who were wondering, I do take occasional jaunts off the face of the earth. The doctor said it’s good for my health, and I believe him.

In all seriousness, life has been VERY busy recently, and has only gotten more complicated as of late. What I’m referring to is something that a lot of people most likely already know, but I’ll put this out there for those of you who don’t or don’t mind lending a listening “eye” if ya’ know what I mean. To put it bluntly, we’re moving. Now most of you might think, Oh, that’s not so bad. Well it is when you’re relocating to an entirely different state. Like for instance Oklahoma. Or Missouri or Texas.

FYI we run two different businesses, one is breeding Great Pyrenees dogs (you can find out more about that at , the other is a home renovation business. Ever since we moved from the ‘burbs to the more “Country” like area, the renovation business has taken a massive hit. So, we had to improvise. And God led us into the dog breeders business. That went well for a few years, up until we received our first complaint. Someone called in anonymously and accused us of running a puppy mill, raising malnourished puppies and that our puppies were living in messy and foul conditions. All of which was untrue. The animal control showed up unexpectedly and notified us of the aforementioned items and asked to check on our puppies. We gladly took him out to the barn and showed him our arrangements for the puppies and he was totally fine with everything we were doing. He said there were no concerns to speak of. Well, that was a year or two ago. This year, we received another complaint, just after we began looking into getting our official breeders license. This time, someone complained about our dogs always barking. This was a complete shock to us, seeing as we believed all our neighbors were totally supportive of what we were doing. We have had multiple neighbors tell us that they are glad our dogs are out there because they not only protect our property but they keep predators off of their properties as well. Apparently not all of our neighbors felt that way.

So that was a huge blow to the idea of getting our licensing from the county. And the more we’ve researched it, the more we’ve begun to realize that our county seems to frown on any kind of dog breeding. Multiple well off breeders in our area have been ruined by trumped up charges against them.

But that’s not the only reason. A dear friend of ours helped to enlighten us to the other things that are in the works in our state. I won’t go into major detail but Virginia is changing. Homeschooling rights are being slowly squeezed out of it, immunization laws are trying to be passed, Virginia is become more liberal than ever. And now we find ourselves asking, Is this where we really want our future to be?

Now here’s the part that is near and dear to me. We’re leaving. Leaving everything we know, everyone we know and love so dearly. Our wonderful church fellowship that is more like family than anything else. And I don’t like it! Every-time I think about it I feel sick! And this is where this concept of change comes into play. Most of the time, we as a human race do not like change. And as I was thinking it through, I realized why that is. Because we like to feel like we are in control! And when something like this happens, a move, a death, a job loss, whatever the case may be, we lose our sense of safety, our sense of being in control. Yet at the same time, I have a hope. I have a peace. Because I know that my God is in control. And it’s when I let loose and give my hopes, my fears, my desires to God that he can work in the most amazing ways. I realize that my God has a perfect and amazing plan for my life, a plan beyond my wildest dreams. I just gotta leave it all in the hands of the master planner.

SO for those of you who have expressed your feelings to us, we understand completely. We realize that you have shown us an outpouring of love that we greatly appreciate. Thank you all, and we love you all too. Can I ask you to do one thing for us? Pray that God’s will be performed in our life. ‘Cause no matter where that leads, that’s where I personally want to be.

God bless each of you, keep walking with him.

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