The Journey of Faith: Update

So the contract on the house has completely fallen through, due to our refusal to repair the insane amount of things they had asked for. And the main reason we refused is because we are not allowed to fix any of it ourselves, we have to hire a licensed contractor to come in and fix it all. Which is ludicrous because we are a licensed contractor. And in an odd twist of events, the contract on the land has fallen through as well. It seems that a property just a minute down the road has come up for sale as well, it’s the same land size and for whatever reason, they are asking less than what we are. So the buyers cut out and went with that one instead. So since we are on a 6 month contract to sell the land, we are going to relist the property for sale again. If it sells, so be it. If we can keep it, so be it. God’s will be done. And then always there is the possibility that the buyer for the land is more or less bluffing and may want to buy it anyways, maybe they were just trying to talk us down and using the other property as a launch pad to do so. Only God knows.

Secondly, there is one thing I had forgot to mention in the previous post. I had meant to tie it in with the question, “Does God really listen to us and answer prayer?”. The answer is yes. And to illustrate that, let me relate a story.

On the way home on the second trip, both Dad and I were very tired. We had not only gotten up very early that morning but had also been through a very long drive to KY and now were heading back home. Plus, less than 48 hours before, Dad had driven for most of the first trip. So both of us had agreed that I would do most of the driving this trip. Dad was obviously more sleepy than I was so we agreed to stop somewhere around halfway and I would finish up. However, Dad was getting more and more tired by the minute and I preferred to stay alive for a little longer! So we started talking. That was when we hashed and rehashed our entire situation to the point where we got so discouraged we didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

We tried turning on an audiobook, but Dad couldn’t really get into it, it was putting him to sleep. Suddenly, I felt the Lord say to me, “Look up that message by David Gibbs, the one you have been looking for.” “That message” was a message a friend of our played for us when we were helping them out on their farm. Christina and I were helping this family out along with one other family and one of them decided to put a message on while we worked. The message was entitled “Encouragement” and I had been looking for it online and hadn’t been able to find it. I thought to myself, “I’ve already looked for it and couldn’t find it.” and immediately the reply came back “Try again.” So I did. And to my astonishment, it was the first link that came up in the browser. I was shocked! I opened the link and sure enough, there it was, a free download. The download took literally 3 seconds to complete and in no time flat I had it playing over the speakers. In the course of the message, Dr. Gibbs tells two incredible and engaging stories that will have you laughing and crying.

It worked like a miracle. (I didn’t want to say charm!!) That message kept Dad awake for the next hour and ten minutes. Then we were back in the same boat again. I had been asking myself the whole time, “What am I going to do when this message ends?” I’d been praying off and on the whole time, asking God to help us and keep us safe, but this was when I really started to pray. “What do I do Lord?” I also asked a good friend to pray as well. And it seems apparent to me that God said, “You don’t have to do anything.” Because in less than ten minutes, a friend of the family called and talked to Dad for a good half an hour to 45 minutes! And he wasn’t the only one either!

Half an hour later, it was my turn. We pulled over and did a chinese fire drill. Dad talked on the phone off and on for around two hours and now it was my turn to get sleepy. So I cried out to the Lord for myself this time. “Lord, please, please keep me awake!” That prayer became a refrain for me. And then I felt him speak to me again. One simple word. “Sing.” So I did. Not wanting to disturb Dad on the phone, I sang every song I could immediately think of under my breath. And it wasn’t until I sang one of my favorite songs, “Lord, I need you” that I was instantly awake. Drowsiness, GONE! Who needs a pill when you’ve got God?

The rest of the drive home went very smoothly. The Lord got us through and in between talking to other people and each other, we made our way home safely. And looking back on it, I am incredibly grateful for the time I got to spend on on one with my Father. And my other Father!

So the unswaying answer to the question at the beginning is YES! Our God is good and he is still in the business of answering our prayers to him.

Trusting, following, serving him,


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