After Seven Years….



“We’re going to be taking a family vacation soon…guess where we’re planning on going? VA!!”

Such were the words I read on my e-mail one night while checking it with Daddy. I about flipped.

The Miners are a family we’ve known since I was about 6 to 7 years old. Having only two children in their family, one of which being only two years younger then me, Caroline and I kinda grew up together, doing everything from giving birth to baby dolls, to making Jordon play so that we could get us up a wedding. Yep, those were the good ol’ days.

Then their family moved. Talk about heartbreak!!! IMG_6446

Of course like any good friends we promised to write each other, to keep in touch over the years, to not lose contact….

Somehow that didn’t happen. I never got her address, she never got mine.

Our paths branched off for awhile.

Then we got a Christmas card. Good old Caroline texted around looking for our new address, and persisted until she got it. The result was a renewed contact, and a lot of rushing around trying to find out if we had any left over Christmas cards to send back. Included in the envelope was a card to; ‘My dear friend Caroline..’

And suddenly we got connected again.

E-mail became our way of correspondence and in late April I read the words above in an e-mail from Caroline. I sat there in shock for a couple of seconds and then, barely contained myself to get down the stairs. You know, anything to put some distance between my Daddy and my supressed excitement, but not outside to where my family couldn’t hear the good news.


I spun around one of my sisters that night. We both ended up dizzy.

What happened next still remains a blur to me, but as you can see from the pictures included, we all got together again. After seven years….

I think that there was a little bit of awkwardness at first between Caroline and I since there had been such a huge break between contact, and I knew her better through her e-mails now then I did back when we were little girls. Some things just kinda change between two friends when they haven’t seen each other for a couple of tend to kind of grow up…forget about what the other liked and you don’t know what interests them now, and wonder what you might say that would be dumb or just come out lame.

But we got over it!! Winking smile We even renewed the old time favorite game of ours….LIFE!!

Since Jordon and I were the only ones really old enough to remember the times with the Miner children when our family used to babysit and homeschool right alongside of them for a few years, I guess I expected my younger siblings to kinda recede into the shadows of shy’ness and leave me to get seven lost years of talking into a few short hours…

Well, that didn’t happen. (I must confess I was a little annoyed about that too, and had to apologize later.)

All in all it was a wonderful time!! Let’s do it again soon Miners!!! (Hint…Hint..) Open-mouthed smile


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