The Journey of Faith: Update

So the contract on the house has completely fallen through, due to our refusal to repair the insane amount of things they had asked for. And the main reason we refused is because we are not allowed to fix any of it ourselves, we have to hire a licensed contractor to come in and fix it all. Which is ludicrous because we are a licensed contractor. And in an odd twist of events, the contract on the land has fallen through as well. It seems that a property just a minute down the road has come up for sale as well, it’s the same land size and for whatever reason, they are asking less than what we are. So the buyers cut out and went with that one instead. So since we are on a 6 month contract to sell the land, we are going to relist the property for sale again. If it sells, so be it. If we can keep it, so be it. God’s will be done. And then always there is the possibility that the buyer for the land is more or less bluffing and may want to buy it anyways, maybe they were just trying to talk us down and using the other property as a launch pad to do so. Only God knows.

Secondly, there is one thing I had forgot to mention in the previous post. I had meant to tie it in with the question, “Does God really listen to us and answer prayer?”. The answer is yes. And to illustrate that, let me relate a story.

On the way home on the second trip, both Dad and I were very tired. We had not only gotten up very early that morning but had also been through a very long drive to KY and now were heading back home. Plus, less than 48 hours before, Dad had driven for most of the first trip. So both of us had agreed that I would do most of the driving this trip. Dad was obviously more sleepy than I was so we agreed to stop somewhere around halfway and I would finish up. However, Dad was getting more and more tired by the minute and I preferred to stay alive for a little longer! So we started talking. That was when we hashed and rehashed our entire situation to the point where we got so discouraged we didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

We tried turning on an audiobook, but Dad couldn’t really get into it, it was putting him to sleep. Suddenly, I felt the Lord say to me, “Look up that message by David Gibbs, the one you have been looking for.” “That message” was a message a friend of our played for us when we were helping them out on their farm. Christina and I were helping this family out along with one other family and one of them decided to put a message on while we worked. The message was entitled “Encouragement” and I had been looking for it online and hadn’t been able to find it. I thought to myself, “I’ve already looked for it and couldn’t find it.” and immediately the reply came back “Try again.” So I did. And to my astonishment, it was the first link that came up in the browser. I was shocked! I opened the link and sure enough, there it was, a free download. The download took literally 3 seconds to complete and in no time flat I had it playing over the speakers. In the course of the message, Dr. Gibbs tells two incredible and engaging stories that will have you laughing and crying.

It worked like a miracle. (I didn’t want to say charm!!) That message kept Dad awake for the next hour and ten minutes. Then we were back in the same boat again. I had been asking myself the whole time, “What am I going to do when this message ends?” I’d been praying off and on the whole time, asking God to help us and keep us safe, but this was when I really started to pray. “What do I do Lord?” I also asked a good friend to pray as well. And it seems apparent to me that God said, “You don’t have to do anything.” Because in less than ten minutes, a friend of the family called and talked to Dad for a good half an hour to 45 minutes! And he wasn’t the only one either!

Half an hour later, it was my turn. We pulled over and did a chinese fire drill. Dad talked on the phone off and on for around two hours and now it was my turn to get sleepy. So I cried out to the Lord for myself this time. “Lord, please, please keep me awake!” That prayer became a refrain for me. And then I felt him speak to me again. One simple word. “Sing.” So I did. Not wanting to disturb Dad on the phone, I sang every song I could immediately think of under my breath. And it wasn’t until I sang one of my favorite songs, “Lord, I need you” that I was instantly awake. Drowsiness, GONE! Who needs a pill when you’ve got God?

The rest of the drive home went very smoothly. The Lord got us through and in between talking to other people and each other, we made our way home safely. And looking back on it, I am incredibly grateful for the time I got to spend on on one with my Father. And my other Father!

So the unswaying answer to the question at the beginning is YES! Our God is good and he is still in the business of answering our prayers to him.

Trusting, following, serving him,


The Journey of Faith Part 3

How do we know the mind of God? How do we know what his will is in a specific situation? Do we go right or left? How do we respond when we are faced with two options and we don’t know which to choose? Does God really listen to us and answer our prayers?


Monday, January 29th, 2018 @ 1:30am

Fauquier County, VA USA

I roll over in bed, not exactly certain what time it is, but I can hear Dad moving around upstairs. And I know that any minute now he’ll be coming downstairs to get me. He and I are headed out again, this time for an eight hour drive out to Kentucky to look at only one house this time. However, this time, we’ve done MUCH more research on this house and feel very confident that this one will be worth it. Dad opens the door and calls me. I groan, NOT an eaarrrly morning person!

Within 15 minutes we were on the road, I’m driving this time. Definitely grateful for Coffee this morning! By 7:30, we’re most of the way there and have just swapped seats, because I am getting a little sleepy. We’re scheduled to meet the listing agent at a Pilot Travel Station in Williamsburg, Kentucky and he will lead us the last 12 minutes to the house. At 9:30am, we’re waiting for him to arrive at the station. Once he does, we follow him the rest of the way to the house. The agent has sort of prepared us for the worst as far as the drive in goes, but contrary to the last 4 houses we saw in Kentucky, the drive in to this one is WAY better. The other four were more or less parked next to what felt like a trailer park, whereas the houses around this one are much better looking. The house has somewhere around 50 acres of land that comes with the property in three parcels. We pull up to the driveway and the realtor gets out and shows us the lower part of the property. So far so good!

As we pull up the driveway, we realize the driveway is steeper than we had originally thought. The agent shows us the house, garage, playhouse and second garage and we also realize that the house is MUCH smaller than we had thought. The next step is to take a look at the land.

We walked all over that property. The biggest problem with it is that the house is plopped in the only flat area on a mountain. The whole rest of the area is not condusive to having dogs or fencing for them. Sure, the pyrs would love the mountain, but there is no easy way to put up fencing to keep them in. Great hunting though! The house is just a little to small for us to live in as well.

The whole way home, Dad and I reevaluated our whole situation, all the intricacies of it, every possible reason we have for moving, beat it out flat in every way possible. And that’s when we begin to think that this is just not going to work. We’ve run out of the money we need to continue traveling and looking at houses, everyone we spoke with has said that what we are looking for in a house and land vs what we are willing to pay is just not possible, as far as I know, everything we’ve asked God to give us if it is his will has fallen through and to top it off, the inspection report has come back and they want so many things fixed that it’s no longer an option for us.

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018  @ 3:07 pm

Fauquier County, VA USA

So that’s that. Another chapter closed in that realm. We are still moving forward with the sale of the land so far as we know, a builder will be coming to put a house on the land next door. So we don’t know exactly what the will of God was concerning this whole process. We’ve hammered out a few ideas, maybe God wanted us to sell the land adjoining and he had to orchestrate it this way because honestly, we never would have considered selling it if we hadn’t been planning on moving. Perhaps he has a special plan for the money from the sale. Maybe there’s someone we will be able to minister to when the house is built and someone moves in. Maybe someone was blessed by our story of walking through this and seeking God’s will. Maybe there were valuable lessons we learned through this that we wouldn’t have any other way. We don’t know exactly why and may never know exactly why either. But that’s the beauty of following Christ. Because you can know for 100% fact that no matter where we are and what we do, ultimately God’s plan will be fulfilled in the end and the end result will be the same. I feel sorry for those who don’t have that same assurance. That’s why we see so many commiting suicide and changing their gender. Because they can’t trust that God made them who they are and that he has a plan that includes them.

So how do we know the mind of God? How do we know what his will is in a specific situation? Do we go right or left? How do we respond when we are faced with two options and we don’t know which to choose? Does God really listen to us and answer our prayers? What do we do when we think he wants us to do something, we chase it and then it turns out we were wrong? Have we sinned and walked away from God’s will in doing so?

To illustrate this, let me draw from a story in the Bible. In Genesis Chapter 26, God tells Isaac to a specific place and that he will bless him there. He says specifically not to go to another land that Isaac was considering going to but to dwell in Gerar. So in Verses 18-22, Isaac begins to dig a well in the valley. Now wells were very important if you didn’t have a stream or river nearby because not only do you need something to drink but your cattle need it too! And Isaac had a lot of cattle! So Isaac digs this well and the herdman of the area fought over it, complaining that the water rightfully belonged to them. So Isaac put all that time on that well just to have it taken away. So he goes to another spot and does it again. And the same scenario repeats itself. Finally the third well he digs, no one fought him over it.

Now God knew that all that would happen. So why didn’t he just say to Isaac, “Don’t dig there, go over here and dig.”? Wouldn’t it have been easier to do it that way? I believe the reason it happened that way is because there were lessons Isaac needed to learn through that process. And I believe it has been the same with us in this process. God wanted to teach us something and he used this course of action to do it.

Finally, as a shout out to all of you who have prayed for us, supported us and loved us through this entire process, we are ever grateful to you. We may not always know where God is leading, but we know he is leading. He’s leading you, he’s leading me, he’s leading my family. I have been blessed by the way my parents have walked through this, the way my siblings have worked throught this and the way those of you have walked in this. And I’ll admit, it hasn’t always been easy. There have been days where my patience had worn thin and I was literally seconds away from snapping. I can’t even imagine how my parents must have felt sometimes. God had special strength for them in himself.

So to you, the reader, keep walking the road, even if you don’t understand. It’s a journey, it always is. Whether the road is easy or smooth, it’s still a journey. And we’re on it together, upholding when one falls. There were times in the journey where if it had been me, I’d have thrown in the hand towel and quit. I didn’t want to move, I love my area, my Church family, my life here. But I also realized that it’s not my life anymore. I’ve given the key of my life to someone greater. And I’ve walked my own way before and it’s not a good road. So I’m letting him lead. The end result is WAAYY better!


Trusting, following, serving him,



(This three part post really has been written at intervals throughout this process, much like a journal. However, I have not had a chance to post it all until just now. I hope it blesses you as it really is a picture of my journey throughout this process as I walked through this. Also, I’d like to personally thank the Wilkes Team for inspiring me over 6 years ago to begin keeping a personal journal, it’s now one of the most valuable possesions I own. I wasn’t always faithful to keep up with it at first, but now it’s very important part of my devotional time. It’s the main reason posts like this are even possible! Thank you!)

(Also, continue to pray. the contract may still go through if the client decides to live with the problems the inspection turned up and then we will be forced to find somewhere else to live very quickly!)

The Journey of Faith Part 2

So the last few days have been kinda hectic! Moving plans have progressed suddenly more rapidly than we had expected, making it look more like we may be moving sooner than we had thought. So we made a last minute decision to head out to Oklahoma and Missouri on early Friday to look at a few homes. The night before, we had made plans to meet up with a realtor in OK and have her show us around to a few homes we’d been looking at. Let the adventure begin!

Day 1:

Friday, January 26th 2018 @ 2:00am

Fauquier County, Va, USA

The light comes on in my room and Dad’s voice, “Come on guys, let’s go. We’re already later than I wanted to be.” I lazily rub my eyes and reach for my phone to check the time. “2:00am? I thought we weren’t leaving until 3:00am?” I think to myself. My next thought may have had something to do with the Starbucks coffee I’ll be enjoying on the way, most likely motivating me to get the day rolling. I check to make sure everything I needed was still packed in my bag and within 15 to 20 minutes we’re in the car and ready to roll. We bow our heads and pray for safety on the travel and most importantly for God to go before and lead us. And then we’re on the road.

The first few hours are a little blurry to me, being only half awake and wanting to be less awake than that! I think I spent a part of that times setting up the iPod to listen to Audiobooks on the way but I’m not sure! 😉 Therefore I refuse to take any responsibility for anything I did or said during that period! Anyhow, the reason we left earlier than we’d originally planned is so that we could stop and look at a few houses in MO on the way to OK. So by the time it was light outside, we were in TN and I was looking at houses in MO and trying to contact realtors to show us to those houses. That’s when our plans changed…drastically.

At some point, we called the realtor who was showing us to houses in OK. I got a bad feeling the minute she answered the phone. (Our Tahoe is equipped with an onboard phone system. Connect your phone via Bluetooth and Voila! You have hands free tech) Over the course of the conversation, she told us that ALL the houses we’d looked at in OK weren’t going to work for what we needed. She apologized profusely and we got off the line. Now we were in deep water. We are now halfway to MO and have most of the reason we are even going out this way has just dissapeared. So do we keep going and look at houses in MO instead or do we just head back home?

We stopped at a little country outdoorsman shop in TN and went in to take a Bathroom break. I was the last to use the restroom and when I came out Dad was talking to a guy who struck me as being the manager. (I don’t know if he was or not, that’s just the impression I got.) He said later that he felt God was clearly telling him to talk to this guy. We don’t know why and may never know why but that’s what he did. He gave us the name of a realtor in the area and told us to give her a call. We did and she said she’d look at houses in the area that meet our specs. We hadn’t had any plan to look at houses in TN however, we had asked God to guide us and if that included talking to someone on the way, bring us to that person. So we followed that lead as best we could.

We made a decision. We’re going on to MO. We had made appointments for MO that night and since we weren’t going to be headed to OK the next day, we set up appointments for the next day as well. And continued driving.

Then came another change. By this time we were in KY and only a few hours away from MO. I was busily engaged in a game with a friend of mine, Dad was driving and Christina was researching how condusive MO was to dog breeding. The results she turned up, weren’t promising. She called a breeder and talked to her personally about the pros and cons of breeding in the state and that turned up disparaging news. (Plus the breeder was a little suspicious of Christina. We think she thought Christina was a Inspector checking up on her!) So now we are VERY close to MO and that’s not going to work either! We decided to cancel all the appointments in MO except the one for that night.

The other thing we found was that KY is much better as far as Dog Breeding goes and looked promising. So we decided to go to the one house in MO and then hit some homes in KY on the way back home. So far, the trip looked like it was going one strike after another. BUT, we told ourselves. We asked God to lead us and this is where he is taking us, so he’s got some plan for us in this somewhere. Plus, the Four of us, (Dad, Christina, Edge and I) were making good memories together. And lastly, we have a friend that was very pleased that we might be moving to KY because it is closer to them!

After looking at the house in MO, we headed back to KY, another 5 hrs away. And mind you, we’d already been traveling all day. While Dad drove again, I spent the first hour or two trying to find houses in KY we could look at. I found quite a few that looked really good! And I was getting excited about this because we’d be a lot closer to home then we would be if we were in OK. We decided on four we’d really like to see and I set them up so that we could take them in a route that would be most condusive to our route back home. We got into KY by somewhere around 1:00am and found a quiet corner in a car dealership (Ford dealership, we were the only Chevy on the lot!) Then we tried to get a little shut eye. The key word there was TRIED. I have concluded that Chevy didn’t have ultimate sleeping comfort in mind when they designed the Tahoe.

Day 2:

Saturday, January 27th 2018 @ 6:30am

Somewhere in Kentucky!

We got up later that morning and headed to the first property. We knew there was NO way it would ever work the minute we pulled up. The property was too close to the road and too many neighbors close by. And the second….and third…and finally the last one gradually got worse. They were nice houses but the area wasn’t condusive to the needs we have.


Sunday, January 28th 2018 @ 2:40pm

Fauquier County, VA, USA

We haven’t given up on KY yet, we’re just expanding our borders a bit. Personally, out of all the states we’ve looked at so far, KY is the one I’d most rather live in. (Outside of VA) But that’s not my call. That’s up to my Lord and parents. I don’t know for a 100% fact that God want’s us to move, if it was me, I’d almost rather stay here. But I do know what God’s will is for me personally. It’s to honor and obey my parents, and support them in what their decision is. Which at the moment is a hard road to walk, since on of the states they are considering, I don’t want to move to AT ALL!! If we end up going there, I’m going to really struggle with it. But I’ll accept it as God’s plan for now.

So to those of you who aren’t happy with us moving, I totally sympathise with you. “Cause I don’t totally want to move either. (Well, I’m kinda somewhere around 50/50.) So I just pray that through this whole adventure, God’s will is accomplished.

God Bless you all,


The Journey of Faith

Yes, for those of you who were wondering, I do take occasional jaunts off the face of the earth. The doctor said it’s good for my health, and I believe him.

In all seriousness, life has been VERY busy recently, and has only gotten more complicated as of late. What I’m referring to is something that a lot of people most likely already know, but I’ll put this out there for those of you who don’t or don’t mind lending a listening “eye” if ya’ know what I mean. To put it bluntly, we’re moving. Now most of you might think, Oh, that’s not so bad. Well it is when you’re relocating to an entirely different state. Like for instance Oklahoma. Or Missouri or Texas.

FYI we run two different businesses, one is breeding Great Pyrenees dogs (you can find out more about that at , the other is a home renovation business. Ever since we moved from the ‘burbs to the more “Country” like area, the renovation business has taken a massive hit. So, we had to improvise. And God led us into the dog breeders business. That went well for a few years, up until we received our first complaint. Someone called in anonymously and accused us of running a puppy mill, raising malnourished puppies and that our puppies were living in messy and foul conditions. All of which was untrue. The animal control showed up unexpectedly and notified us of the aforementioned items and asked to check on our puppies. We gladly took him out to the barn and showed him our arrangements for the puppies and he was totally fine with everything we were doing. He said there were no concerns to speak of. Well, that was a year or two ago. This year, we received another complaint, just after we began looking into getting our official breeders license. This time, someone complained about our dogs always barking. This was a complete shock to us, seeing as we believed all our neighbors were totally supportive of what we were doing. We have had multiple neighbors tell us that they are glad our dogs are out there because they not only protect our property but they keep predators off of their properties as well. Apparently not all of our neighbors felt that way.

So that was a huge blow to the idea of getting our licensing from the county. And the more we’ve researched it, the more we’ve begun to realize that our county seems to frown on any kind of dog breeding. Multiple well off breeders in our area have been ruined by trumped up charges against them.

But that’s not the only reason. A dear friend of ours helped to enlighten us to the other things that are in the works in our state. I won’t go into major detail but Virginia is changing. Homeschooling rights are being slowly squeezed out of it, immunization laws are trying to be passed, Virginia is become more liberal than ever. And now we find ourselves asking, Is this where we really want our future to be?

Now here’s the part that is near and dear to me. We’re leaving. Leaving everything we know, everyone we know and love so dearly. Our wonderful church fellowship that is more like family than anything else. And I don’t like it! Every-time I think about it I feel sick! And this is where this concept of change comes into play. Most of the time, we as a human race do not like change. And as I was thinking it through, I realized why that is. Because we like to feel like we are in control! And when something like this happens, a move, a death, a job loss, whatever the case may be, we lose our sense of safety, our sense of being in control. Yet at the same time, I have a hope. I have a peace. Because I know that my God is in control. And it’s when I let loose and give my hopes, my fears, my desires to God that he can work in the most amazing ways. I realize that my God has a perfect and amazing plan for my life, a plan beyond my wildest dreams. I just gotta leave it all in the hands of the master planner.

SO for those of you who have expressed your feelings to us, we understand completely. We realize that you have shown us an outpouring of love that we greatly appreciate. Thank you all, and we love you all too. Can I ask you to do one thing for us? Pray that God’s will be performed in our life. ‘Cause no matter where that leads, that’s where I personally want to be.

God bless each of you, keep walking with him.